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Fix your data.
Keep it in one place.

We help you collate, create, digitise, structure, centralise and manage building and asset information. Specialised in building and energy systems, with national coverage and award-winning experience, you can turn to us for Technical Auditing and Auditing Program Delivery.

Specialised Auditing

We bring a prescriptive site or asset wide digital data capture process that identifies and records your key energy systems.

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Electrical infrastructure

Transformer, Mains, Sub-Mains and key Distribution Boards (condition, location, sizing, supply and capacity and importantly relationships and ‘fed from’).

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Mechanical assets

Linking and labelling air-conditioning and mechanical plant to support capital works, upgrade or maintenance factors, drive control optimisation.

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Solar PV assets

Existing or desired solar PV, including expansion (roof space, condition and structural assessment).

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Lighting assets

All lighting, mapped, consumption and replacement savings projections, energy and lighting recommendations engine.

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Other key assets

Including pumps, motors, drives, BMS, control equipment, geothermal plants, medical equipment, manufacturing plant, external lighting, EV charging infrastructure locations, servers and IT infrastructure.

Data Management & Collection Strategy

Make more sense of your raw data. By collecting, centralising and auditing your data, you’ll get better insights to make better decisions.

Our Process


Collect and analyse target information across all sites and energy system types.


Apply domain or outcome specific inputs:

  • Folder or equipment hierarchies

  • Dynamic, responsive site and infrastructure adaptation


Collected information is mapped into structured outputs for use/ingestion into other client systems

  • Energy design, building modelling or asset/facility/building management systems

  • Additional document creation – single level diagrams, floorplans etc


Why do you need an audit?

The best decisions rely on the best insights. And the best insights rely on the best data set. By bringing data from disjointed systems together you get a better understanding and gain efficiencies across your business. Key uses include:

  • Planning and records management
  • Improve investment decision making
  • Equipment condition and operating performance reports
  • Optimise lifecycle management through baseline operating and maintenance processes
  • Easy navigation pathways and detailed records for personnel and contractors

What do you get from an audit?

The outcomes of smart data collection and management is the uniform data set it produces. This centralised data supports your energy assets condition, performance validation and management through their lifecycle.

An Industrias audit will give you an easy to understand and easy to implement report that can be maintained over time, including integration into subsequent design, finance or asset management systems. The report outlines initial findings, recommendations and insights with:

A prescriptive Room Registry that utilises site Building, Room and Asset naming conventions:

  • Includes space description, operating hours, dimensions and linked image folders via a filterable excel format; 

Per energy system Asset Registries

Including key performance metrics and condition reporting;

Structured folder hierarchy including:

  • Image Index – document series outlining key areas and asset images in a ‘search and view’ format;
  • Image Library – structured, folder-based hierarchy of each room and, within that, each asset captured;
  • Linked and labelled site plans for easy navigation of asset location and ‘one-click’ to key image folders.

Asset classes we can help with.

Solar PV and Storage
Refrigeration and Freezers
Water Management Assets
Building Envelope Infrastructure
Motor/Pumps/Variable Speed Drives and Building Management Systems
IT and AV Infrastructure
Cooking Equipment
Point of Sale
Appreciating and High Value Assets (ie: Violins, Artwork)

Find out how an audit can empower your decision making.

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