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A national team bound by one focus. Your best solar outcomes.

Lean on your local commercial solar experts when and where you need them. Our network of vetted, qualified commercial solar technicians are ready to help you and we’ll do all the hard work to get them to your site, fast.

A Local Network for National Coverage

Our team of solar technicians covers the vast majority of Australia and we can help you wherever you need us. We identify and partner with the industry’s best, hand selecting the highest quality partners to complete on-site solar maintenance to our standards. Our model also enables us to work with and up-skill your existing contractors, streamlining the process of logging jobs, tracking progress and submitting reports.

All technicians you’ll work with are:

  • Local, so they can get to you fast
  • Pre-qualified and have passed our rigorous onboarding process
  • Fully qualified and experienced with large and complex solar systems
  • Fully accredited with all necessary insurances
  • Nationally compliant with all CEC and OH&S requirements
  • Experts in State-based and Local Network Authority rules and regulations
  • Knowledgeable of grid requirements and restrictions
  • Professional, personable and accountable to the highest standard of work expected.
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An efficient approach to onsite servicing.

Our approach is tailored to deliver the best outcomes for you.

Where possible, we seek to partner with those in close proximity to your sites but can also work with your preferred contractors, providing all the tools, training, and knowledge to deliver the services required.

You get access to a network of vetted, local service technicians meaning faster service, less travel costs and delays, and local expertise. You’ll also save on admin thanks to our central job logging platform – you log the job and we’ll do the rest.

Our team unlocks your solar assets peak performance.

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Your system may let you down. We won’t.

You can rely on Industrias when you need us most. We have hundreds of technicians ready to help, and have more partners joining us every day.

Our belief in continuous improvement means you’ll benefit from a wide range of expertise including key industry changes, extensive service networks, and industry leading maintenance and performance.

Your Service Strategy will be customised to your needs, optimising response times and ensuring the best fit for your organisation. Whether it’s a team of local contractors for multi-site portfolios or a dedicated and systemised team for a large, single site solar asset, we’ll find the best solution and service structure for your needs.

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Minimise your admin.
Maximise your output.

Reclaim the hours spent managing your solar assets. Our smart software enables you to view all performance data via a central dashboard, set threshold alerts and log and track maintenance jobs simply and easily.

So don’t waste time logging into separate dashboards, finding system information from discordant records and spending time on hold. Partner with Industrias to log your job in minutes, track it in real time and get your report, fast.

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