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Hero grid solar active monitoring v2 min

Your solar system may be out of sight.
We make it front of mind.

A simpler, more sophisticated and smarter way to actively monitor your PV system performance.

Whether you’re looking for complete or partial commercial solar asset oversight, Industrias can do the work for you to enhance the way you manage your solar portfolio.

Smarter Centralised Solar Asset Management

Optimise generation and income icon

Optimise generation and income

Approach your solar portfolio as a business unit, not just equipment.

Increase transparency icon

Increase transparency

Connect disjointed system data points, creating a single-pane view of your assets.

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Reduce the loss of time

Connect all your solar assets into a single central portal. Access all asset information quickly.

Industrias takes a holistic, data-led, and information sharing approach to Solar Active Monitoring. In taking up this service, our team can monitor the activity of your solar assets, considering the physical equipment and components, the energy generation and income created (or savings realised), and the financial investment and returns you expect to achieve.

By understanding how much power your portfolio should be producing for any given period (considering all factors unique to your assets, sites and organisation), we monitor generation targets, and any issues and faults are promptly identified, escalated and rectified by O&M .

A renewed approach to renewable energy asset management.

To get the best return over the life of your solar asset portfolio, a strategic and methodical data-led approach is critical. To achieve this, you can choose to access the Industrias performance and fault monitoring platform that combines hardware and software to deliver a reliable stream of essential performance and ROI data for your solar asset management.



Understand your solar portfolio, resources and current stakeholders and tailor a unique management strategy.



We work with your business to centralise your solar assets then monitor, action improvements and report at the agreed frequency.



Analyse the system data collected (condition tracking, performance validation, issue trends and other agreed metrics).



Using the data and insights collected, make any necessary changes to increase efficiencies, power generation, and return on investment.

Our process is continuous and is adjusted accordingly, resulting in decreased downtime costs, minimisation of lost generation income, and the reduction of the total cost of ownership (and need for reactive unscheduled work). It also assists in evaluating, independently, when the cost of maintenance outweighs the cost of replacement.

A comprehensive approach to Solar Active Monitoring

Partnering with Industrias for active monitoring guarantees you a complete and robust monitoring service. We will inform you how much energy your solar system is generating in real time, show changes in the system as they occur, and provide clear insights into these changes.

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Single and Central Monitoring Interface
Site and Portfolio-Level Dashboards
Active Remote System Monitoring
Multi-dimensional Monitoring Capabilities
Exportable Units of Measure
Remote System Ramping
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Seamlessly connect the unconnected.

You’re juggling multiple systems, multiple sites, and multiple contractors. Industrias’ tailored approach and centralised software helps you pull it all together and share information with all relevant stakeholders.

Viewing the same set of data enables decision-making based on clear and valid information. Our attitude to transparency allows you to continuously compare system outputs, monitor performance, and manage your outcomes end-to-end with a solution designed to optimise performance while minimising the time and cost to do so.

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Solar asset management shouldn’t be siloed.

For the best return on investment solar management should integrate into your overall asset management process. And yet many approaches to solar servicing fail to take this into account.

With our tailor-made software, deep knowledge of solar asset management and our smarter approach, we’ll not only optimise your solar system components, we’ll also significantly reduce the time it takes to manage, service and report on all KPIs.

Ready to centralise your solar active monitoring?

Add, access and review your assets, manage system maintenance and synch all your data in one place.

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